Career Opportunities for Computer Engineers


The Penn Computer Engineering Program helps students develop the key skills central to the design and engineering of modern computational systems including: discrete and continuous mathematics, programming, algorithms, physical aspects of digital circuit design and implementation, computer architecture and systems, information theory, signal processing, networking, embedded systems, and software engineering. It further provides a series of hands-on lab experiences that motivate and provide context for the domain skills while developing expertise in design and optimization.

Careers in Industry

Career opportunities for computer engineers span a wide range of industries and roles. Computer engineers are needed in companies that design and program integrated circuits, circuit boards, embedded control, computer systems, and networked distributed systems. Computer engineers are employed in a broad range of industries including semiconductor, computer, web services, telecommunication, automotive, aerospace, robotics, medical, security, media, and consumer electronics. Computer engineers work in established Fortune 500 companies, research labs, startups, and consulting firms.

Graduate Study

The Computer Engineering Program also prepares students for graduate studies in a broad range of areas including: VLSI design, computer architecture, computer-aided design, robotics, embedded systems,signal and image processing, telecommunications, and parallel and distributed computing.

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