Curriculum + Resources

Program Information

Read the in-depth description of the program and guidelines for students who are interested in the BSE in Computer Engineering but may also be considering the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science majors.


Course Planning Guides (CPGs)

Download a hard copy of the Computer Engineering CPG. Please log in to PennInTouch for the approved e-CPG.

Suggested Schedules

Some students may come to Penn sure of their major, completely undecided, or be considering a few related majors. This document allows you to see course plans for each path – the decided student, the undecided, and the student interested in EE, CSCI, or CMPE.

Course Dependencies Flow Chart

We have made available a “flow chart” of required courses and prerequisites for interested students.

Changing Your Major:

To switch your major to CMPE, download the change of major form and have it signed by the required individual.